I am new to magento and following tutorials, but i am stuck while trying to use layout.xml, it seems like it is not removing items which i mentioned.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
            <remove name="page_content_heading" />
            <remove name="global_notices" />

My file structure is as following,

----boot (theme name)
------layout (local.xml reside here)

----boot (theme name)

Not even my <action> tag would work while i add js or css. Am i doing something wrong?

Edit: I cleared the cache, disable it and even delete my browser cache.


A theme has to be structured as "package/theme".

So instead of app/frontend/boot and skin/frontend/boot it should be app/frontend/boot/default and skin/frontend/boot/default

Then to use the theme, configure "boot" as package and "default" as theme.


Your xml looks ok and its working on my setup. as you says you already tried with disable the cache and all. i think you are placing this file on wrong location. this should be as app/design/frontend/(package_name)/(theme_name)/layout/local.xml not layout.xml. in default magento setup package name is rwd and theme name is default.Hope this will help, let me know if you required more information.

  • @Ashih While i was able to make it work but bootstrap is not working.
    – localhost
    Mar 27 '16 at 12:21

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