I have a custom module, with an IndexController and an indexAction. This has a route with a fronName set in the config.xml(for example angular-app). On this page I have an angular app, with it's own routing. Everything works fine until I don't refresh the browser. After refresh I get 404.
How can I setup magento's router to handle every request under the angular-app with the IndexController:indexAction.

So what I would like:

  • request: http://domain.com/angular-app -> IndexController:indexAction
  • request: http://domain.com/angular-app/x/y/z -> IndexController:indexAction where x, y, z are dynamic parameters.

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I am not expert in angular app but as per as my understand,You want to send all angular requests with prefix angular-app in your url.

So,you need to create new custom router. To understand the custom route,Follow the below link.

For your case, using controller_front_init_routers add custom router at system by $front->addRouter('addangularapp',$this); on function initControllerRouters of class ModuleNameSpace_ModuleName_Controller_Router

<!--  define route -->
      <angularapp> <!--  router identifier -->
  <!-- event for add a router -->
          <add_angularapp_route>  <!-- observer identifier -->

Then at match() validate and modify http request (Zend_Controller_Request_Http). and if request have contain angular-app then it internally set IndexController as controller as ,indexAction as request action and set your module as request module.


Controller code may like:

class ModuleNameSpace_ModuleName_Controller_Router extends Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Abstract{
     * Initialize Controller Router
     * @param Varien_Event_Observer $observer

    public function initControllerRouters($observer){


    /* validate and modify the  request
     *  Params Zend_Controller_Request_Htt
    public function match(Zend_Controller_Request_Http $request){

        /* If Magento Magento is not install then 
         * redirect to installer url

        Mage::log('aaa'.$requestPathInfo.'StoreId'.Mage::app()->getStore()->getId(), null, 'logfile.log');
        /* check -review-form not exit
         * then immediate return false
            return  false;

        /* get productut from url 
            by  substr   

        $condition=new Varien_Object(array('product_url'=>$producturl,

        Mage::dispatchEvent('angular_app_controller_router_match_before', array(
                'router'    => $this,
                'condition' => $condition

            return true;

            return  false;

        ->setParam('customparam', $requestPathInfo);

        return  true;



Note: code is not tested.

same concet havec in https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/70619/4564 answer


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