How can I add a jQuery plugin without a module for use in the whole site.

I found things about how to add it in modules: Adding a jQuery Library to Magento 2

But can I add it without a module and if yes in which should requirejs-config.js be placed?

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Best thing to do is use a Magento 2 Module or a Theme to include such plugins/libraries. It is the recommended way and the best practice. Is there anything blocking you from doing that? If so, pls share.

Method 1 > THEME: If the javascript/jquery library is theme related (In order to change the look and feel of the system).

  • Place the custom component source file in one of the following location
  • Place your requirejs-config.js file in

Method 2 > MODULE: If the javascript/jquery library is related to a particular business function or handles a Magento feature. It should go inside a module.

  • Place the custom component source file in one of the following location

  • Place your requirejs-config.js file in

Magento 2 strongly recommends not changing the source code of default Magento components and widgets. All customizations must be implemented in custom modules or themes.

[EDITED: To provide a example as per in the first comment]

Using method 1 for including a js file.

File: [Root_Dir]/app/code/[NameSpace]/[Module]/view/frontend/requirejs-config.js

var config = {
    map: {
        '*': {

Then the file related to this mapping will be there on the same module directory.

File: [Root_Dir]/app/code/[NameSpace]/[Module]/view/frontend/web/js/faq.js

], function ($) {

So the script path in the require-config.js file should be specified from modules view/frontend/web directory, without the .js extension.

This way, a script can be added to the frontend. Follow the default module ./vendor/magento/module-checkout/* or similar...

EDIT 2: If you want to debug and see from where Magento is trying to pull the static file, follow the article on http://www.magleaks.com/magento-2-static-file-resolving/ and add a debug pointer to the file [DOC_ROOT]/vendor/magento/framework/View/Design/FileResolution/Fallback/Resolver/Simple.php

  • Thanks, I am trying Method 1. The change in requirejs-config.js works and apears in the source code. But my js file in web/js/main.js does not apear. I added this to requiresjs-config.js: var config = { map: { '*': { "js/main": {} } } }; Mar 28, 2016 at 12:26
  • I'll add a sample code shortly, check that and provide more information... Mar 28, 2016 at 17:04
  • I added my sample code. My problem is I don't have a module. And I try to do it in the theme. But my js does not load. Mar 29, 2016 at 6:40
  • It tries to load my file only if I request it in a phtml file. Now I get it to look for my file in the pub/static folder. But that file doesn't move into the static folder and I get a 404. Mar 29, 2016 at 13:41
  • I made a new entry, as it seems to be a different problem. magento.stackexchange.com/questions/108484/… Mar 30, 2016 at 7:10

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