In Magento Component Manager, I am trying to Sign in to sync your Magento Marketplace purchases. While doing so, I am getting the following error,

Could not resolve host:repo.magento.com

Please help me to solve this issue.


This is not Magento issue, this is network issue (DNS related). Please check does your Magento server resolve "repo.magento.com" host to IP address:

$ ping repo.magento.com
PING repo.magento.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.

(press Ctrl+C to exit from ping)

If you see smth like

ping: unknown host repo.magento.com

you can ping "repo.magento.com" from your workstation or any other computer and write IP to /etc/hosts file on your server (you should be 'root' to do it):  repo.magento.com

Please, note that it is a temporary solution, clean up this record from your /etc/hosts after your actions will be done.

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