i am buiding up a sneaker Store. Sneakers are an international Product an every Shoe comes, obviously, in different sizes. In different Parts of the world, different Sizings are used (Europe 37-46, US 5-13, UK 5-13, Asia CM 22-35).

I want to have an configurable Product where the Customer can choose the size in different systems but in BackEnd i want to have

  • SimpleShoe in Size EU40/US8/UK7
  • SimpleShoe in Size EU41/US8.5/UK7.5

Each Shoe as one Product to handle the inventory.

Did anyone realized something like this?

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This should work:

simple sku with custom options. on custom options level you can enter the simple sku for the option (1 sku = 3 country specific formats of same size)

3 different store views for country specific sizes in frontend:

store view eu
store view us
store view uk

custom option description differs per store view, e.g.

store view eu->custom options description (per store view) "EU 40"->sku sneaker_abc_eu40_us8_uk7
store view us->custom options description (per store view) "US 8"->sku sneaker_abc_eu40_us8_uk7


  • Sorry i diddnt wrote that Detail down. Storeviews are not an option. I need the customer to be able to choose from a Size System they want. Like this one here Mar 21, 2016 at 6:55

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