Do you have any experience using Magento on a subscription model (simple: make a purchase and receive the product/service in a regular basis with also regular automatic payments). We have been doing this with PayPal and/or third-party payment gateways, but somebody spread the rumor in my company (no way to know why is he telling that) that Magento 2 was “better optimized” for subscriptions models.

So, what do you think? Any hint that may point us in the right direction? Do you think is there a solid base on that statement?

Thank you.

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    magento 2 doesnt support recurring profiles functionality by default Mar 17, 2016 at 11:00

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As Manashvi said, Magento 2.0 does not support recurring profiles functionality. There is no subscription functionality built in.

Magento 1 implemented subscriptions in the form of 'Recurring Profiles'. There are some annoying quirks, and payment support for them is limited (PayPal only), but there are third-party payment modules available.

At this time, to my knowledge, there are no third-party subscription modules available for Magento 2 either, so your options are effectively nonexistent, short of a custom solution. That being the case, the idea that Magento 2 is 'better optimized' for subscriptions is simply false.

Update / relevant self-promotion (April 2016): We just released an extension to bring recurring profiles-like subscriptions functionality to Magento 2. Since nothing of the sort exists out of box, you may find it of interest: Adaptive Subscriptions for Magento2


We have a couple of subscriptions modules for both versions of Magento:


I have checked Magento 2 subscription and recurring payment

It is compatible with Magento 2.0.4 and some highlight features: - The Admin can full control for subscription product. - The customer can buy subscription or non subscription - Manage, subpend, cancel subscription.

It seem integration with paypal now.

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