I have created a Model with a Resource model to it and a collection.

In MyModel I have defined the property

public $myProperty;

However, when I try to do

$myModel = $this->MyModuleFactory->create(['myProperty'=>5]);

The value of myProperty is always NULL. How can I set the $myProperty value to 5 ?


you need to add 'myProperty' to the constructor aslo

public function __construct(
    $myProperty = null; //because this is not a class instance make it default to null otherwise the object manager will not know what to do with it
   $this->myProperty = $myProperty;

and instantiate your class like this

$data = ['myProperty'=>5];
$this->MyModuleFactory->create(['data' => $data]);
  • ah, when i did $this->MyModuleFactory->create( ['myProperty'=>5]); it got set, the create(['data' => $data]) did not work ? – Lachezar Raychev Mar 15 '16 at 13:25

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