I am using marketplace in my website in that how to get seller Name and url

$collection= Mage::getModel('marketplace/sellerprofile')->load($sellerId,'seller_id');

I get Seller Id in above mention way how to get Seller Name & url

this is the field name store_title

Can you please suggest me how to get that

  • can you print the $collection data?? in that you have find out the seller name??
    – Ajay Patel
    Mar 12 '16 at 4:04

I'm not familiar with that module, but give this a try

$sellerProfile = Mage::getModel('marketplace/sellerprofile')->load($sellerId);

You should be able to just load it with the ID, if that doesn't work, use your original code

$sellerProfile = Mage::getModel('marketplace/sellerprofile')->load($sellerId, 'seller_id');

Now you should be able to echo the name, which should be one of these:

echo $sellerProfile->getName();


echo $sellerProfile->getSellerName();

If you still can't find it after that, try doing a var_dump of the model's data


If you can find what the attribute's name is, you should be able to camel-case it into a get call on the model, for example:

If you see the attribute key is 'seller_profile_name' the call would be:

echo $sellerProfile->getSellerProfileName();

Let me know how this works out for you.

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