Recently, after checking out the develop branch from Magento 2's github and running composer install, the composer installer ended with the following messages

start magento deploy via deployManager
jump over deployLibraries as no Magento libraryPath is set

Does anyone know what the deployManager these methods refer to is?


That is an outdated part of code which is not even used in magento 2.

It resulted from the fork of the composer installer for magento 1 which has multiple additional features to extend magento 1 via composer.

This specific feature allowed to put php libraries installed via composer into a director, analog to \lib\ and also added a static autoloading for them, allowing deployment or even comitting them to the vcs without the need for others to also use composer. This feature was/is experimental und was used from nearly noone

update this answer concentrated on deployLibraries setting, the deploy manager itself was just a logical processor for all files copied from composer to the magento directory, so it was able to do this process outside of the old installer but as an plugin event

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