This is v1.4.x to be clear.

I have recently found a limitation in the Magento-generated query for products, cited in this thread:

adding addFieldsToFilter() does INNER JOIN on eav tables, removing all products which don't have that attribute

On that subject, I started searching for a way to pass a complete SQL query to the model, but have not found any way listed. Is this possible? Again, this is a limited case and Magento unfortunately does an INNER JOIN with no remedy when I need a LEFT JOIN.

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I'll answer this for future readers, ignoring the fact that you don't need it anymore because there is a simple solution to your original problem.

You can modify the Zend_Db_Select instance for any collection, which means that you can effectively change the query to anything.

Here is a simple and stupid example:


But be aware that many collections make their own changes in the _beforeSave() method or using an observer.

  • Although this is not passing the entire query, the where clause is what I wanted to modify (all other Magento methods seem to be accommodating), and a solution has been posted to my other question referenced above. Thanks for not being a "forum snob" and answering the specific question I gave. :) Mar 11, 2016 at 13:48
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    Actually "where" was just an example, if you have a look at Zend_Db_Select you will see that you can modify other parts as well Mar 11, 2016 at 14:31

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