Magento getting store bestsellers: configurable products, only from current store

We have tested some bestseller codes like from here and here and here. They all work fine if you only sell simple products. We sell many products and often in many stores.

So in essence what we would like is a bestseller list that shows

  • configurable bestsellers (or at least the real parent)
  • with sales order qty summed per store (so exclude sales made in other stores)
  • with sales order qty summed per category (optional)
  • with an optional command to lag limit the sales qty over time (like last month only)

Has this ever been done?

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In an effort to solve this issue forever we have created a public extension (not solved yet)


We really hope people are willing to contribute to this and solve this issue forever

  • do you have this extension for magento 2? Or suggest me other link. Thanks Commented Apr 3, 2019 at 4:44

Not a coding answer, but a guide on how some of this can be done using Dynamic Category Products - Full disclosure: This is an extension I created, and sell.

configurable bestsellers (or at least the real parent)

This one is easy. Using Dynamic Rules, you can get all the Best Sellers (back X days), and filter out any Simple Products that belong to a Complex Product, displaying the Complex product instead of the simple. This can be filtered by website, meeting the requirement noted: with sales order qty summed per store (so exclude sales made in other stores)

You will have a category that lists the Configurable, instead of the simple.

Example rule:

enter image description here

You can also do this by Profit, revenue and in place of Best Sellers, go with Least Sellers.

enter image description here

Since the end result is a normal magento category, you can easily create custom code to work from that result (for example excluding products for the date lag you also want)

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