I want to change the order status based on fedex or aramex shipping method.

Suppose fedex delivered product i want just automatically update order status in my system.

i have used fedex shipping as well as shipment api. but its not return satisfy response.

here is my code : but i cant get the final status from fedex.

$response = Mage::getModel('usa/shipping_carrier_fedex')->getTracking($data[$i]['track_number']);
                $trackings = $response->getTrackings()->getData('progressdetails');
                echo "<pre>";

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$response = Mage::getModel('usa/shipping_carrier_fedex')->getTracking('track_number');
$trackData = $response->getAllTrackings();
$progressData = $trackData[0]->getData('progressdetail');
$deliveredStatus = $progressData[0]['activity'];

its working for me.

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