How do I link my cms pages to a main navigation bar at the top of the page on Magento 2?

If I want to eliminate the "home" link and only have the logo redirect to the store view homepage how do I do that?

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Another way would be:

  1. Create a new category and call it "Home".
  2. SEO Settings for this category: URL slug "startpage" or something else.
  3. Rewrite "/startpage" to "/".
  4. Move it to first position.



No way to use admin to create home menu, but you can customize code to make it.

First, you need to create a category name "Home".

Next, copy this file: vendor\magento\module-theme\view\frontend\templates\html\topmenu.phtml and place it to app\design\frontend\Your_Vendor\Your_Theme\Magento_Theme\templates\html

Open this file, you can see a line same that:

<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo $_menu; ?>

Change to:

<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo str_replace('/home.html', '',$_menu); ?>

Done. Hope this help you.

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