I am looking at a section of code that uses this:

if ($_item->getProduct()->getTypeId() === Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Type_Configurable::TYPE_CODE)

to determine whether a product is configurable. I am now wanting to alter that to detect whether the product is a bundle - but it turns out, there is no Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Type_Bundle. Nor is there a Mage_Checkout_Block_Cart_Item_Renderer_Bundle. In fact, I can't see to find any dedicated bundle classes, anywhere - it's like they don't exist!

What is the reason for this? How are developers supposed to deal with bundled products, without methods like getChildrenIds or TYPE_CODE? Are just supposed to be hardcoding things?


The bundled products were introduced after the release of Magento 1, and for reasons unknown, their implementation was separated out into a new module. Magento's modular system and shared config.xml space allows for this sort of separation.

A quick glance at Mage_Bundle reveals a type class


and a renderer


The bundle products were added later in Magento (after 1.0).
It's a totally separate module. Check Mage_Bundle.

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