I"m working on spinning up my first magento 2 site and I decided to use Docker to allow for a quick and easy development environment.

I got the site to spin up but when it is up I find that none of the assets or styles are being loaded and i'm getting an error of "net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" Image of the error can be found here:

enter image description here

I have added the project to a public repo if anyone wants to pull it down and play with it. https://github.com/ajmyers01/magento_docker

I'm unsure why it can't seem to find the assets, any help would be fabulous


in your github readme, you have http://fwc.docker:8000/ as the base url, but it tries to load the assets from http://fwc.docker/, which would be http://fwc.docker:80/

I think you just have to set the magento base url to http://fwc.docker:8000/ under system -> configuration -> web -> base_url (or since the backend won't work also most likely you can change it in the database in the core_config_data table. Search for the Path web/unsecure/base_url)

  • Your a hero, I just needed to change the port back to 80:80 in my docker compose and rebuild the image. Now it works like a champ ! Your the best David! – P3rishable Mar 7 '16 at 18:39

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