I have added 1000s of products to my store without set those as taxable goods. It will take more time to update each product from Store Backend. Now I want to set "Taxable Goods" in Tax class field for all products in my store. How can I set all products as Taxable Goods at once ? Thanks in advance

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I have found the solution using this link: http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewthread/38199/

On your admin go to Catalog> Manage Products> and click Select All. On the top right you will be able to see the Mass Actions dropmenu, select “Update attributes” and click the submit button to get to the Edit mode. You will now be editing all your products and applying the changes to them, scroll down on the Attributes tab and you will be able to find Tax class where you just need to check the “change” box and select "Taxable Goods" from the dropdown, then save the changes.

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