If I used color and text swatch in magento 2, sequence/order of option isn't changing. I mean I want to show

1. size
2. color

but it always show

1. color
2. size

if I used dropdown instead of color and text swatch. it is working fine. Can anyone tell me, is that isssue comes with magento 2.0?

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I have same issue just today and able to fix it by changing each attribute key as string by adding any character like "_" in the getJsonConfig result. It seems its a browser or javascript issue where it automatically sort numeric array keys so changing it to string key will prevent it from sorting automatically.

Testing Solution: 1. Edit vendor\magento\module-swatches\Block\Product\Renderer\Configurable.php 2. Add the below function to override the getJsonConfig:

public function getJsonConfig() {
        $jsonConfig = parent::getJsonConfig();
        $decodedConfig = json_decode($jsonConfig, true);

        foreach ($decodedConfig['attributes'] as $attributeId => $attributeData) {
            $decodedConfig['attributes']["_" . $attributeId] = $attributeData;

        return $this->jsonEncoder->encode($decodedConfig);

You have two choices, either use plugin or extend that file. I use plugin for this.

Hope that helps :)

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