My route section in api2.xml


My model methods: mymodule/Model/Api2/User/Rest/Guest/V1.php

I extend Mage_Api2_Model_Resource

public function _retrieve() {
    return json_encode(array(0=>'retrieve Function Call done')); 

public function _retrieveCollection() {
      //Some codes 
   return json_encode(array(0=>'retrieveCollection Function Call done')); 

public function _retrieveCreate() {
     //Some codes
     return json_encode(array(0=>'retrieveCreate Function Call done')); 

public function _retrieveUpdate) {
     //Some codes
     return json_encode(array(0=>'retrieveUpdate Function Call done'));

I get an error message on API call magento-host/api/rest/mymodule/user/create "code": 405," message": "Resource method not implemented yet."

How can I resolve this?

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As far as I understand you can only have a route_entity and a route_collection and with those you can have a GET, PUT, POST and DELETE (have a look at http://www.restapitutorial.com/lessons/httpmethods.html) and they will match functions called _retrieve, _update, _create and _delete. To implement your own REST API methods have a good look at e.g. api2.xml in the customer module. So for instance in your own api2.xml file you can have:


Note that I use admin here because a Guest can use only GET. My admin role can now POST (create) and PUT (update) and GET (retrieve).

My code would then look like this:

class Mymodule_Myextension_Model_Api2_Myproduct_Rest_Admin_v1 extends Mymodule_Myextension_Model_Api2_Myproduct
protected function _update($productData)
{ ... }
protected function _create($productData)
{ ... }
protected function _retrieve($productData)
{ ... }

There is a good tutorial on http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/m1x/other/ht_extend_magento_rest_api.html


set value collection for CREATE action type and entity for UPDATE action type

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