I have a shop with multiple users, some of them with quite restricted rights (handling orders only). I have however not found a solution to let them change their own password without involving an admin or giving them the rights to change all users in the shop. Is there a way to achieve a way to let non-admin users set their own password (possibly also with password guidelines, but this is not necessary) without involving another party?


I'm reasonably sure that anybody with access to the backend can change their own password via System > My Account. There is a field for Current Admin Password which uses the word admin, but it just means the current logged in user. The user just needs the acl system/myaccount, which should only give them the ability to change their own information.

  • Oh okay, I always misinterpreted the wording and obviously so did all other users. Thanks for the headsup, this is the solution I was looking for. Still, password guidelines would be a nice to have.
    – Bernie
    Mar 3 '16 at 10:19

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