I have a strange problem. I am working on Magento 1.9.2 locally on XAMPP Server. Everything was working properly on locahost or including the navigation menu which we create by the help of adding categories. Root categories -> Sub Categories. Yesterday, i have uploaded my website to live testing server. Everything is working properly except the nav menu at the top is not working which contains the categories. I am trying to solve this problem since long time but nothing helped. i am using RWD theme with custom folder in it. I use Custom folder to customize the website which is a proper way to do customization. I have used one extension named WP_Custom_Menu from official magestore. I have tried disabling and enabling this extension on live server but nothing happen. If anyone have encountered this issue ever or know how to fix it. please provide me guidance.

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Check the naming of your Templates and Folders - particularly the case used in filenames. Often servers have case-sensitive filesystems whereas your XAMPP install may not.

I've spent hours tracking down issues before, only to discover files missing a capital letter or similar.

  • Hi, i am still having the same problem. Navigation menu is not showing. But after changing theme from rwd/custom to base/default or rwd/default navigation menu appears on the screen. So, it means that i am having problem in custom folder which i have created for modifying and customizing the rwd/default theme. But i am still unable to figure out what is the issue. what should be the issue i don't know please help Commented Mar 4, 2016 at 8:28

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