I have been in the process of building a simple frontend for Magento, but stopped because the API only allow access to products, categories, orders and customers, and I would at least also need Brands. Is there a plugin or other way I can get the information I need via a REST endpoint? If I upgrade to Magento 2, would that help?

  • The REST API is fairly easy to extend, so it's probably worth you looking into how to do that. For example, I recently had to add an API for retrieving static CMS blocks - it's some XML, a couple of empty reference classes and a single method defining the "controller like" retrieval logic – Robbie Averill Aug 25 '16 at 18:04

You can customize a native API REST of Magento with third-party module: https://medium.com/@denniswalters84/how-to-extend-and-customize-magento-rest-api-a842d0071682

When you upgrade to Magento 2, you should rewrite your module.

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