I see quite a few questions about emails not being sent, I think what I'm experiencing is somewhat different than the majority of the problems out there.

Typically my transactional emails (orders, invoices, shipments) are successfully sent but some % of them never get sent. I've noticed that with both automatically generated emails and also manually 'resent' emails from admin interface. Sometimes I have to manually resend multiple times.

My practice is to BCC all outgoing emails to an email account so I have a record of exactly what emails are sent. But a good % of transactional emails are never received by customer or my BCC account.

I don't see any relevant errors in logs, Magento or PHP. Any suggestions for tracking this down?

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Known issue, in your Sales Emails setup on Send Order Email Copy Method use Separate Email instead of BCC

  • So a random % of the emails fail because of using BCC ?
    – MarkE
    Mar 1, 2016 at 18:13

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