Are there any complete tutorials/books/blogs available for learn Magento API from the beginning? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Actually it's pretty hard to find good Magento API resources.

For learning about the SOAP API, I used/can recommend:

Actually this is a list of the visited websites from my PC ;)

And of course I learned the most with debugging and testing.


Reading through each section of the below is a good starting point:


And then the below after:



I read the most for learning about the API from here:




Another very good article with regards to Magento API has been written by Inchoo:


They list the differences between the APIs which exist in Magento starting at the basics like "What is a WSDL", "How to access Magento by creating a role and user", "Differences between API v1 and v2" and also include screenshots of where to find the resources.

This article helped me a lot when I programmed my first API methods.

  • Thanks for sharing this link and +1. I already followed the wiki articles. Hope this will provide more knowledge in API – Sukeshini Nov 5 '13 at 10:12

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