Currently in Magento CEv1.9, Minimum price is considered between default special price(entered from prices form for product) and price after discount applied through catalog price rule.
How can we force catalog price rule over default special price?
Thanks in advance !!!


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This is not an answer for your solution, but there is one way.

first export all the products using import export option and copy the excel sheet to your local system.

Than you can select all Products and update attributes and give "blank" under "special price" textfield and than save it.

Now Only "Catalog Price rule" will apply for products. In future if you want to give the speical prices , you can just import that excel sheet for only sku and special price columns

  • Thanks for your time.. But I can not use this way.. I must have special prices..
    – Chaitanya
    Feb 29, 2016 at 8:05

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