I recently installed a new Magento- store and I went to update to the latest releases. I decided to start with the Mage_Downloader first, and upon committing to the install this is what it looks like at the bottom of the page along with errors of course.

CONNECT ERROR: Package community/Mage_Downloader conflicts with: community/Mage_All_Latest

enter image description here

Has anyone seen this?

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Yeah, I tried this once... Mage_Downloader should just be whatever version you're currently on. Due to various dependencies, a bunch of items will complain when you try to upgrade them without getting the other things at the same time.

Since you're on a new site, you should do the Mage_All_Latest and let it do all the heavy lifting - which will grab all the updates, including updating itself.


I got same issue when upgrading from to

Package community/Lib_Mage conflicts with: community/Mage_Core_Modules

  • any ideas on solving this? Mar 3, 2016 at 14:40

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