When i try to create a new Product, i cant save the product of couse an Error on the Auto-Generate Meta-Information Site.

Error-Code(my free translation :P )

The Value of the Attributes "Auto-Generate Meta-Information" must be uniquely.

Error-Code (in German)

Der Wert des Attributes "Auto-Generate Meta-Information" muss einmalig sein.
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There is an attribute Auto-Generate Meta-Information which should have a unique value.. I am guessing there is already a product in magento which is having the same value....

Please try entering some other value for the attribute "Auto-Generate Meta-Information" and try saving the product again ..

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  • I try to! but i can only choose between "Yes" and "No" and the error occurs in both variants – Bax182 Feb 26 '16 at 7:28

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