We are looking to find a magento rating (stars) on store level. One that also would provide a block with the stars, etc.

There are some examples out there. I have seen one with only text.

For the extension experts:

  • Is there an extension that supports ratings on a store level (stars)?
  • Possibly offering a block to show it + support for rich snippets
  • That would maybe take all product ratings, average it and show that as a total
  • And if you click on the block you see a page with all reviews in a nicely formatted list. With links to the product where the review came from


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we ended up using this extension: http://www.magmodules.nl/magento-extensions/marketing/schema-org-rich-snippets.html

It generates snippets per PRODUCT and CATEGORY

Works fine. Only problem though is that it generates a new block under the product and category page (ith duplicate content) - instead of tagging the already available rating/descriptions that were already shown

(Not STORE level: question still open)

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