I want to get all IDs from collection using Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Db_Collection_Abstract::getAllIds() method.

My collection is joined with orders table:

         ['o' => $this->getTable('sales/order')], // Table and alias
         'main_table.order_id = o.increment_id', // Join condition
         [ // Select fields
             'store_id' => 'store_id',
             'order_created_at' => 'created_at'

But when I want to get all ID's from that collection with a having condition:

$collection->getSelect()->having('order_created_at >= ?', '20-02-2016 0:00:00')
$ids = $collection->getAllIds();

It gives me an error: Unknown column 'order_created_at' in 'having clause', because getAllIds() method resets collections' select columns and there is no way to filter by joined columns:

public function getAllIds()
    $idsSelect = clone $this->getSelect();
    $idsSelect->reset(Zend_Db_Select::COLUMNS); // Reset columns here

    $idsSelect->columns($this->getResource()->getIdFieldName(), 'main_table');
    return $this->getConnection()->fetchCol($idsSelect);

So how to retreive joined collection ID's?

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Use where instead of having.

$collection->getSelect()->where('order_created_at >= ?', '20-02-2016 0:00:00')

Or add order_created_at field to your select:

  ->from($this->getTable('sales/order'), '*')

having requires fields to be in your results. It filters after your select instead of filtering the select itself as where does.


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