I am using table rates.

In the menu System > Configuration > Shipping Methods, change the "Current Configuration Scope" to a website then an Export button will become available in the Table Rates section. The condition should be "Weight vs. Destination" to get the right file. Download the exported file and modify it to something like this;

Country  Region/State  Zip/Postal Code  Weight (and above)  Shipping Price
UK       *             *                0                   3.68
UK       *             *                1                   6.68

Now it is working fine, but if my product weight is 0.9 then it goes of 3.68 not for 6.68. I want to calculate my price on decimal value of weight also.I am new here plz help me

  • can't you just add decimals in the weight column? – Robin Feb 23 '16 at 11:00

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