I need to confirm either my is validated or not.My form is

 <form action="<?php echo Mage::getUrl('abc_checkout/cart/placeorder'); ?>" method="post" id="confirm_order_form" class="info-static" onsubmit="return submitOrder();">

Add this script to your phtml file.

<script type="text/javascript">
    //< ![CDATA[
        var customForm = new VarienForm('confirm_order_form');
  • Ok, how I would know, form is validated or not, customForm will be true or false, some thing like this – Abdul Ghaffar Feb 23 '16 at 6:14
  • I am already using it. I have to perform an action if form is validated.How can I do this? – Abdul Ghaffar Feb 23 '16 at 6:19
  • 1
    if (customForm.validator && customForm.validator.validate()) { // if validation successful pass then } else { //magento validation fire } Check more at here magentotutorialbeginners.blogspot.in/2014/03/… – Parth Thakkar Feb 23 '16 at 6:22
  • change theForm to dataForm if (dataForm.validator && dataForm.validator.validate()){ $(".confirm-and-place-order").attr("disabled", true); $(".confirm-and-place-order").removeClass('enable'); } else{ //magento validation fire } – Parth Thakkar Feb 23 '16 at 6:35
  • oops, that's my bad, – Abdul Ghaffar Feb 23 '16 at 6:39

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