I have the weirdest problem. I think it has to do with an ERP we installed on Magento 1.9.3 but I'm not sure. I have configurable products that have different sizes. I use the configurable swatch to create a nice label for the sizes since I don't want to use drop down fields. For the most part, the products came out correct. However, when I add new products (after installing extension) I get a copy of the product image rather then labels. Can someone help me troubleshoot the problem?

CORRECT http://c6341.sgvps.net/~msrhp/index.php/default/riding-gear/nxt-39/jackets/nxt-jersey-red-navy.html

INCORRECT http://c6341.sgvps.net/~msrhp/index.php/default/riding-gear/legend-71/test/legend-71-jersey-black-yellow.html


Looks like the problem was no text with the images. Once I added text, problem was solved.

enter image description here

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