I was installing Magento2 and the installation reached 90% and it staid there not moving for more than 15 minutes with no errors in the log console.

I have read on the Internet that I have to increase the value of max_execution_time in php.ini file to 18000 instead of 30.

I did, and restarted apache, then tried to open hoping it will get me to that setup page again, but unfortunately I got "Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page" page.

I've tried, but I got

"Welcome to Magento Admin, your online store headquarters. To use the Magento setup wizard sign into your Admin account and navigate to System => Tools => Web Setup Wizard"

So I tried (I've changed the administrator page to admin in the setup wizard) but I got "Not Found" page.

What should I do now :(


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Since the installation was not completed, try reinstalling magento

  1. Ssh into the server and delete the database
  2. Delete your config files
    • app/etc/env.php
    • app/etc/config.php
  3. Try the installation again (

Every time this sort of thing has happened to me it's been php timing out. I know you changed max_execution_time but what about max_input_time and memory_limit?

For me on MAMP i run:

max_execution_time = 9000
max_input_time = 9000
memory_limit = 16G

and M2 installs fine. Also, make sure you have the right php.ini as there are a few on most systems and you might not be editing the one that php is loading.

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