At the 1st time "image not valid error" occurred after copying all images to site-name/media/import/. that error is not occurred now.But the new errors are occurred.

I have tried all kind of steps to import products.I have around 2000 products in my old site.Now I want to move those products to new site.But I cant import 2000 products.I have tried it with System ->import/export -> Data flow profiles -> Import all Products.But all the time different kind of errors occurred.So now I am trying with only 2 products.But still cant see any success.Help me if you have proper steps with image import too.

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1.Copy all folders from source magento root/media/catalog/product/

2.Paste all folders in target magento root/media/import/

3.Open Source Magento Admin Panel. System-->Export/Import-->Dataflow Profiles-->Export all Products-->Run Profile TAB--> Run Profile in Popup. PLease Wait till all products are exported. After that open source magento root/var/export/ There will be your csv file with all product details.

4.Open Target Magento Admin Panel. System-->Export/Import-->Dataflow Profiles-->Import all Products-->Upload File Tab-->

5.Select your csv file from step 3--> click sav and continue-->run profile tab-->select your file-->Run Profile in Popup

6.Refresh your cache and do indexing if required.


you should make an export first of maybe only 1 product. Then you see, which fields you need.

In the type column for example, there hast to be sth like simple, bundle, configurable ...

  • Yes, there is value "simple" in type column Feb 20, 2016 at 8:38

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