We have a Dutch (.nl) webshop with also an international storeview (.com), we also have a .be storeview.

If an user requests webshop.com/product1 the user will be redirected to shop.nl with a "server:nginx status:302" redirect.

Settings are as following;

  • Add Store Code to Urls: no
  • Auto-redirect to Base URL: yes (302)
  • Storeviews; default NL
  • sort order of all storeviews = 0.
  • Base (unsecure & secure) urls are all set to the proper domain

If I turn Auto-redirect to Base URL to "NO" and request webshop.com/product1 , it shows product1 on webshop.com/product1, however with the Dutch (NL) storeview & therefore the Dutch language. I would like to show the "EN" storeview (so the product in English language) on .com without adding a storeview parameter.

We don't have this problem in the Dutch storeview. If requested webshop.nl/product1 it will serve webshop.nl/product1 without any redirects.

nginx geoip_country_code is configured as well, however this should work properly.

which is mapped like this; `

map $geoip_country_code $runcode {
AL en;
AD en;
AT en;
BY en;
BE be;
BA en;
etc ......

NL nl;

` If I go to domain.com/robots.txt it does not get redirected to .nl. Also when I remove this configuration the same problem occurs. Thereby I'm browsing from Sweden (which is SE en)

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Unfortunately, the default Magento functionality doesn't allow you to do that.

As an option, you can consider one of our extensions - Magento Store & Currency Auto Switcher:


It uses the same MaxMind technology, as the ngx_http_geoip_module extension, but can additionally handle the Redirects problem. Here are some features that will help you do what you need:

  • setting Store View - Country relation
  • Switching between different Store Views automatically (by the IP address) and manually (on the frontend)
  • Switching to the necessary Store by the browser language
  • Redirect from webshop.nl/product1.html на webshop.com/the-same-product-with-different-url.html,(the same thing is for categories as well)
  • specifying which User Agents should be redirected, and which should not
  • and more.

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