I am using Magento version By default, it supports Rupee symbol and Tamil font in both frontend and admin panel. But, When i have printed the order invoice, it appears as boxes. Which (tamil) font supports for Rupee symbol as well as Tamil words in generated invoice PDF in magento.

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After a long struggle I found answer for this.

I got the solution by overriding Core file in local. (ie., copy Abstract.php file from both:


Create the same structure in local folder (ie., like this):


You will find the functions like

  • _setFontRegular
  • _setFontBold,
  • _setFontItalic.

You can set font in:

$font = Zend_Pdf_Font::fontWithPath(Mage::getBaseDir(). /lib/LinLibertineFont/**yourfontname.ttf**);

For rupee font change font: include this in _setFontBold function.(ie., DejaVuSans.ttf font supports rupee symbol)

For tamil fonts change/set font: include font in

_setFontRegular,_setFontItalic function

Now Both tamil font and rupee symbol will appear in pdfs generating in Magento ;)

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