I shared an administrator account with a 3rd party solution provider to debug one of the extensions installed in our store. Now that the problem is fixed I changed the account password.

However this doesn't seem to log out existing backend sessions. They are still logged in (via browser cookie) even after I changed the account password.

Is there any way to force a log out of ALL Magento backend sessions?

  • Delete files from var/session. i think this will work for you – Minesh Patel Feb 18 '16 at 5:14
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    @MineshPatel, it will work but which sessions exactly to delete? How to know which sessions are backend sessions? Deleting customer sessions may very well hurt sales. – datasn.io Feb 18 '16 at 7:44
  • That is big question. we can not identify session file which are created from frontend or from backend. – Minesh Patel Feb 18 '16 at 7:51

There is a way to find the admin user session file. Please follow below steps to find the admin session files under Magento_Root/var/session/:

Note: below method is use in *nix environment with console utility

Connect to you server through SSH and change your current directory to MAGENTO_ROOT and execute below command:

grep -H -r -n "\"user_id\";s:1:\"7\"" ./var/session/

That's it, you get the lists of admin session file.

What we did here? Using linux grep command we search "user_id";s:1:"7" string inside all session files locate under Magento_Root/var/session directory.

PS: kindly update 7 (administrator id in my case) inside grep search string with your administrator id.

You can delete all listed files.

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Jayesh Patel's answer is correct, but i want to extend it. If you have e.g. Redis configured and running for session handling, you also have to clear the Redis database which is assigned for sessions.

But attention: This will clear frontend sessions too!

I also restart PHP5-FPM and Apache too, to be on the real safe side, even if it's too much.

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