I need to change the default action after adding item to cart from wishlist. By default when you hit "Add to basket" button you will be redirected to the cart. I want user to be redirected back to wishlist.

I also know that going to Admin > System > Configuration > Default Config > Sales > Checkout > Shopping Cart > “After adding a product redirect to shopping cart”: Yes or No fixes my problem but I want to be able to do this only for wishlist and not globally, for one store only!

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You can write an observer listen to the post_dispatch event


and change the response to a redirect to the wishlist.

So create a new module/extension and add the following to your config.xml:


Then in your Observer.php add the following method:

public function controllerActionPostdispatchWishlistIndexCart()

That's it. Every time you will try to add something from your wishlist to your cart you will be redirected back to wishlist.

  • "a bit more detailed instructions." @Tim aahh yes :-) Thanks! Commented Feb 27, 2013 at 16:46

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