I am making seller price comparison marketplace module.If seller1 create P1 product P1 product will display in catalog product grid and if seller2 want to sell P1 product so seller2 details will stored in custom table like product_id,seller_id,qty will enter in my custom table so My question is If P1 product is out of stock cart page for seller1 so magento showing error message about out of stock quantity in cart page and in onepage checkout page redirect checkout page and hide proceed to checkout button in cart page this point seller2 's P1 product can not proceed to checkout and how to manage custom table product qty manage in magento ? I just need hint or flow


although i did not test it and it is also pretty outdated, you might wanna try the following open source module:


there are also other extensions available, just search for magento multi stock.

If none of the extensions fit your needs, the hackathon extension might give you a few hints on how you can solve your problem

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