I'm new to Magento. We need some custom order shipment flow where we need to track order status with some parameters.

So flow is like this:

Order status : new > processing > ready to deliver > delivered

In case of "cash on delivery" (COD) we need another state "pending payment"

So order status will be : new > processing > ready to deliver > pending payment > delivered

How we can map this status to already existing status? Or do we need some custom coding to implement this?

Any help appreciated.

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For achieve thing you need to understand magento Default order Flow:

Please check the below image for understand magento order flow

enter image description here

As per as my thought,You need to do coding for achieve this thing also need to create Some Order status basic of some Order state.For create those You need to go admin>System>Order statuses.

enter image description here

Order status : new > processing > ready to deliver > delivered


For cod: new > processing > ready to deliver > pending payment > delivered

New: Make very payment method New Order Status=Pending[]

Processing: As per as,magento if you create invoice or Shipment of new order then order status goin to process and state goes to processing.

Ready to deliver or pending payment : you need to create new status for state:Processing. and manage this status status depend on payment method,you must need customization. Prevent to stop order status order complete whenever order is already invoice or ship.

Delivered: For manage "delivered",you need to Make new Status delivered to state complete.And make Status delivered as default for state complete


First of all you need to understand the difference between order state and order status.

order state is an internal Magento representation. Different states means differnt operations you can do on your order.

order status is your representation. In other word is the label you want to show.

One order state has one default order status and one order status is always linked to an order state.

In your scenario I would suggest to have processing and ready to deliver as two different statuses of state processing.

Hope it helps.

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