I wanted to get in product page a sizing chart. I could do that very easy but I want to improve and need some help. So, I created a drop down attribute called size_chart with the following values which identify my static blocks:

  • addidas_shoes
  • puma_shoes
  • nike_shoes

Choosing an option from the list I can get the right static block. Now I would like to change the drop down values to block titles instead of block id's for a better visual improvement, like this:

  • Adidas Shoes
  • Puma Shoes
  • Nike Shoes

How can I get inside my phtml template the block content based on its title instead of its identifier? Is this possible?


I think that you don't need to identify your static block by its title. What i understood is that you want to improve the "dropdown experience" for your users, displaying block title instead of block id. In your phtml file you can do something like that:

  <option value="addidas_shoes">Adidas Shoes</option>
  <option value="puma_shoes">Puma Shoes</option>
  <option value="nike_shoes">Nike Shoes</option>
  • This change is available for Backend not Frontend. I need to achieve having in a drop down list block title instead of block id. If this is not possible I will let it as it is. – ADDISON74 Feb 15 '16 at 12:55

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