To display different category in different website,

  1. Created new root category.
  2. Created new website, store, store view at backend and used that newly created root category in it.
  3. Then created a subdirectory in domain where magento2 is the created subdirectory.
  4. copied index.php and htaccess from domain into created subdirectory (magento2).

  5. Then changed $mageFilename = MAGENTO_ROOT . '/app/Mage.php'; to $mageFilename = MAGENTO_ROOT . '/../app/Mage.php'; in index.php

  6. Then inserted

    SetEnvIf Host .*base.* MAGE_RUN_CODE="base";

    SetEnvIf Host .*magento_site_2.* MAGE_RUN_TYPE="leap_in_en"

    where leap_in_en is the unique code code of my store view.

  7. At backend after switching to new website in configuration scope, changed the unsecure and secure url to

  8. Now when I enter the url in the browser. It is displaying the old store with same category not the new root category.

Someone please tell me where have I went wrong or is there any additional thing that I should do?

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I got The answer...! I just forgot to change Mage::run($mageRunCode, $mageRunType); to Mage::run('leap_in_en', $mageRunType); in index.php where leap_in_en is my unique store view code.

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