When moving from Opencart to Magento I have encountered a big issue.

Open cart shop has this structure:




All urls are for the exact same category. None has rel canonical (which they should have). example.com/bugaboo-buffalo is the url that is ranking high in Google.

On the new Magento 1.9.x site we only have one url for this category: example.com/barnvagnar/bugaboo/bugaboo-buffalo

Question: How can I get both example.com/barnvagnar/bugaboo/bugaboo-buffalo and example.com/bugaboo-buffalo to work on Magento? With correct rel cononical to example.com/bugaboo-buffalo. I really need the example.com/bugaboo-buffalo to work for SEO purposes. I really want to avoid to do a 301 redirect.

Basically I need this

- Root-Category (URL: /rootcategory )

-- Sublevel category (both has to work) --> /sublevelcategory
-- Sublevel category (both has to work) --> /rootcategory/sublevelcategory

Is there a built in setting for this in the Magento backend configuration?

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