I have a requirement where an order needs to be created from an existing order i.e Re-order feature of magento but programatically. A cron job dispatches a reorder event based on certain conditions. The below code looks up the order-id and creates a new order successfully. However, the new order picks the updated price of the product whereas I need it to be the same as the previous order. How can I modify it to set pricing from the last order?

$order = Mage::getModel('sales/order')->loadByIncrementId($lastOrderId);
$order_model = Mage::getSingleton('adminhtml/sales_order_create');
try {

    $reorder = $order_model->initFromOrder($order);
    $newOrder = $reorder->createOrder();
    $newOrderId = $newOrder->getIncrementId();
} catch (Exception $e) {
    Mage::log('Renewal for Profile #'.$profileId.': '.$e, null, 'prosub-debug.log');

I guess you should iterate all items of both orders and adjust the prices of each one. (take in account the row_total and the discounts applied to the original order)

If you want to display the difference you can leave the price and apply a discount, otherwise just copy all price related fields:

  • price
  • base_price
  • original_price
  • base_original_price

This should be enough.

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