I want to get product collection and subcategory using category id.

I am trying

$category =  2;
    $product = $this->productFactory->create()->getCollection();

But it gives error like this

Column not found: 1054 Champ 'e.category_ids' inconnu dans where clause,...

And how to get subcategory id from category id?


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Please change like this and it will works.

$collection = $this->productFactory->create()
->addCategoriesFilter(['eq' => 2]);
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    Working fine, resulting as expected Sep 21, 2016 at 12:23

You cannot add a category filter like that because category_id is not an attribute of the product.

The collection object (Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product\Collection) though does come with two handy functions to aid in this.

addCategoryFilter(\Magento\Catalog\Model\Category $category)


addCategoriesFilter(array $categoriesFilter)

In your case the later is probably more suitable so your code may look something like;

$collection = $this->productFactory->create()
    ->addCategoriesFilter(['eq' => 2]);
  • The above example with addCategoriesFilter does not work. You need to add an condition type like eq for Equal to, or neq for not equal to. In above example, change ->addCategoriesFilter([2]); to ->addCategoriesFilter([‘eq’ => 2]); and it should work. Jun 8, 2016 at 13:12

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