I have created a custom configuration same like Magento\Braintree\Block\Adminhtml\Form\Field\Countrycreditcard.php with some fields like

            ['label' => __('Field'), 'renderer' => $this->_getAttributesRenderer(),'style' => 'width: 1000px']

Even if i set width in style its not working.

Please let me know how to set width.

  • @Marius Did you get the chance to look on this Feb 11, 2016 at 13:15

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Magento\Braintree\Block\Adminhtml\Form\Field\Cctypes.php` `_toHtml



So with same function try to set width


setExtraParams function accepts any styling or other attributes we can set for select field


I was using this Magento\Framework\Data\Form\Element\Factory class to generate element and I've added below code and it worked for me.

$element = $this->_elementFactory->create('select');
$regions = $this->regionOptions->toOptionArray();
            $this->_getCellInputElementId('<%- _id %>', $columnName)

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