I'm trying to reload the cart page with AJAX. I'd like to send a "checkout.cart" block via JSON to replace in AJAX call. In my controller (I overrided CartController.php), I'm trying to call the line:

$checkout_page = $layout->getLayout()->getBlock('checkout.cart')->toHtml();
$response['checkout_block'] = $checkout_page;

But a error happen

Fatal error: Call to a member function toHtml() on boolean in C:\D\Websites\magento\app\code\local\Excellence\Ajax\controllers\IndexController.php on line 211


if your action which will reload "checkout.cart" in Excellence\Ajax\controllers\IndexController.php named: reloadCart()

you go to checkout.xml and update like this:


    <update handle="checkout_cart_index"/>

then it will works.

ref: http://forum.azmagento.com/how-to/mage_checkout_cartcontroller-class-getblock-8217-8217-checkoutcart-8217-8217-is-false-solved-nbsp--60544.html

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