I recently added an extension to my store (more precise) and the url I am getting is www.mystore.com/catalogextensions/index/promotional/.

Where does this url generate and how can i change it?

For example I would prefer having www.mystore.com/sale. I am quite new to Magento, so I apologize for this simple question ;)

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You can try to use Magentos built in URL rewrite management, I don't know if it will work on that extension.

  1. In the admin interface go to Catalog->URL-Rewrite Management
  2. Click on Add URL Rewrite
  3. Select Custom from the dropdown
  4. In the ID path and Request Path put sale or whatever you want your URL to look like
  5. Put the extension URL after your domain catalogextensions/index/promotional/ into the Target Path
  6. Select No for redirect

These are per store so you will have to do it for each one.

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