After doing some system upgrades, many product links on my site are broken.

The links that DON'T work, look like this: http://merkazhasofrim.com/sofrus/quills/pre-shaped-plastic-quill-tips.html

The links that DO work, look like this: http://merkazhasofrim.com/sofrus/powders-whiteners/white-art-pastel-chalk.html#.VrOf4vGMlvU

For some reason, the system is adding characters to the original URL rewrite and only then does the link work.

I already flushed the table called core_url_rewrite and reindexed Category URL Rewrites in the admin, but it doesn't seem to help.

I am running Magento V How can I fix this?

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Just letting everyone know what helped. I was told that "Add This" often creates these types of link problems. I removed it and problem solved.

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