Since I have a task which have to migrate a site /au to /asia (I know customer's store_id website_id need to be changed), i'm wondering if I need to change the store_id in sales_flat_order table,

If I don't change the store_id of sales_flat_order table, what problems will be underlying?

If I change the store_id of sales_flat_order table, what other data I also need to change/update?

Anyone knows that?


Hi I was struggling with the same problem. Actually, I wanted to migrate entire sales order data from my old site to new site. Also with data you need to migrate customers, Right?

For Order Migration I have used a Free Extension. Here is the link- https://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/bulk-import-export-orders-to-csv.html.

With this extension I successfully migrated my whole order data into my old site. If you like this, select this as answer to your question, else post more info.

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