Magento 2 EE comes with a split database feature, where three master databases with their own distinct tables work for the platform. Has anybody tried to do something similar in Magento 1 (CE)?

I'm tinkering around with this idea to see how (in)feasible this is to have one "main" DB and "secondary" DB in M1. However, I quickly came across an issue. For example, if you want to split customers to the secondary DB, you can assign a separate connection for the customer module, but the problem is that some SELECT queries on the customers are joined with tables, like eav_attribute, from the main DB. Opening a customer in the admin is an example.

The solution to this immediate problem would be to append the database name to all queries constructed, but it seems tricky to track down exactly where I need to do this. I'm currently looking around this appraoch. Isolated customer load and saves are working. Any comments from experience or ideas are welcome!

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